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A veteran of over 1,800 wedding receptions during the past thirty years, Mark Forss, Founder and Chief PhotoBoothographer, began in 1982 offering entertainment services.  After watching guests struggle with paper box table cameras at a wedding reception, Mark’s concept for the PhotoBooth was born. Since it’s creation, Mark has brought fun, joy, and special memories to hundreds of wedding couples and families around the area.

When it comes to what makes the  PhotoBooth unique, Mark says, “It is like giving everyone a happy pill!  After having pictures taken guests step away smiling, laughing, and having a great time. Folks are creating special memories to cherish for years with all the photos. You don’t get that experience with flowers or cupcakes!”

To get the most out of the PhotoBooth experience,Mark explains that, “You cannot treat a PhotoBooth like hors d’oeuvres – using it for only a short time is not the way to do it. You really need to have it available during the entire reception, to collect some very special memories.” He continues with, “You need to have a scrapbook at the PhotoBooth, one in which guests will write notes to you – that’s number one – we offer a special handcrafted scrapbook that our clients rave about. A great attendant, props, and a an experienced PhotoBooth team are essential!”

Visit with Mark at an upcoming Wedding Show, send him a note below, or call him directly at 800-901-1007 and he’ll put his experience to work, crafting a unique PhotoBooth experience for you…

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