What a great way to bring joy, fun and excitement to your party! The PhotoBooth does all of that and more. We’ve taken the fun of a traditional vintage photo booth and merged it with new digital technology to bring you a one of a kind experience that adds fun and excitement to your party. Be it a wonderful wedding reception, a formal black tie event, reunion, or birthday, thePhotoBooth will make your event the most remembered, most exciting, and most fun!



The PhotoBooth is a Wedding Memory Maker!  Pure Contagious Fun!  We’ve taken tens of thousands of photos in our PhotoBooths and there isn’t a sad face - ever!  As soon as guests see the PhotoBooth,  a line forms and the fun begins.  The laughter and hilarity that ensues inside is contagious!  Our Photobooths have been the hit of every event we’ve been to!  Capturing  photo memories all night long…. Thru the Keepsake PhotoStrips it creates for your guests and the wonderful handcrafted Scrapbook of guest messages, and the digital copies you receive, it will produce special memories that will be forever cherished as a unique keepsake of your Wedding Day!     

All of our PhotoBooth packages include the items listed below!

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The Red Carpet Mirror PhotoBooth is our newest and most amazing PhotoBooth!  Stand in front of the lighted, talking mirror and you and your guests will be thrilled to have your pictures taken!  Sign your names on the mirror and more.  We'll give you and your guests the Red Carpet treatment with Red Carpet Runway, Red Rope and poles and more!  This is an unlimited use package during 6 hours of your Wedding Reception and includes unlimited pictures, handcrafted memories scrapbook, props and costumes, digital copy of all pictures, Photoboothographer and our guarantee for great fun!  Special Price is $795 That's a savings of $300 off the reqular price of $1095!

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PhotoBooth Backdrops
So many choices - lots of great colors and textures in our backdrop selection for the Modern and Vintage PhotoBooth.  Looking for a different color?  We can find that for you too!  PhotoBooth backdrops are available for the Modern, Vintage and Red Carpet Mirror PhotoBooth.

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PhotoStrips Crafted Just For You
Each and every celebration is unique.  We work to make your pictures a one of a kind keepsake for you and your guests and will work with you to craft just the right PhotoStrip for your special day…

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Easy To Use
The PhotoBooth is completely automatic! Just sit down, press the button and you’re on your way to fun! It even talks you through each photo … amazing! A Live Preview feature, exclusive to the PhotoBooth, lets you see your photo just before it’s taken. Great for expressing yourself! Our special and exclusive dual screen allows everyone to see the fun - inside and out!

Classic Photos
The PhotoBooth can be set up in a number of ways to print classic double strips (one for you and one for your guest), 4X6 portraits, or anything you can imagine! Each photo is personalized to your event. We can add a logo to your photo, too - all at no extra charge! All photos are printed on high quality photo stock that will last a lifetime. It’s fast, too - less than 20 seconds to print your photo!

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Fits Anywhere

The PhotoBooth does it’s work all night long in a space smaller than a banquet table. But don’t let its size fool you. 2-20 folks can get their photo taken depending upon the type of PhotoBooth you pick. 

It’s a Keeper
Along with all the great memories the PhotoBooth prints out all night long, you’ll get a CD of each and every image to look at again -  online too, if you like. In addition, we’ll provide an elegant scrapbook for guest pictures and their personal messages to you, right next to their picture. What a great memory!

Dress It Up, Strike A Pose
We include our famous prop and party favor kit with each PhotoBooth. Have some fun with a fancy mask, hat, umbrella, boa, and more! You’re an instant movie star with the PhotoBooth.

Personal Attention
While the PhotoBooth does its thing, we’ll watch over you and your guests to ensure everyone has fun. We’ll take care of the scrapbook, help with the props, and much more. It will be a great experience for you and your guests!

What’s Included

  • The PhotoBooth (of course!)

  • Personal attendant

  • Props and party favors

  • Elegant scrapbook for guests to sign

  • Complete delivery and setup

  • Travel to destination (no extra charge!)

  • UNLIMITED PHOTOS during your party

  • CD of all the photos

  • Personalized photo strips with logo/words

  • Our guarantee for GREAT FUN!