How Many Folks Fit In A PhotoBooth?
Well, have you heard the story of all the people they put in a VW Bug?  We can usually fit a lot of faces in our PhotoBooths!  For the Classic its typically 2-8 (the world record is 20)  The Vintage, Modern, and RingO can fit 2 to 20 guests easy!

Keep the PhotoBooth Close!
The best place for the PhotoBooth at your reception is the main area where the reception is taking place.  You'll get the most use and the greatest amount of photo memories there.  When you place the PhotoBooth in an adjoining hallway or room, the old saying comes into play, "out of sight out of mind."  Your guests won't think to use it and the result is dramatic - a 40% drop in use compared to having it in the main reception area.  If you have any questions on where to place your PhotoBooth just send a note and we'll help you out... Since we've brought one of our PhotoBooths to just about every reception venue in the area, we can tell you exactly the best spot to set up for you and your guests to enjoy!

How Do I Reserve / Book the PhotoBooth?
Just fill out the form at "BOOK YOUR DATE" and we'll take care of the rest.   We'll send you an event agreement that you will sign and return along with an initial payment of $200.  The balance is due 15 days prior to the date, at which time we will be in contact with you on all of your final details.

What about Setup or Travel Charges?
Generally speaking, there are no setup or travel charges unless the location is a great distance away, if so, lets talk!

Can I get different color pictures?
Yes, of course!  Color, black and white and sepia are the most requested, we can arrange that for you!

Do you do outdoor Wedding Receptions?
Yes we do!  Outdoor events are sometimes a bit challenging with regards to setup location, power, etc. but we will work with you to figure it all out

Why 6 hours?
Its important to be there the entire time of your reception to capture as many photographic memories as possible.  When you hear about booths that offer 2, 3 or 4 hours, to us that's like serving a half a plate of food - you get the job done but its not very satisfying!  Over the years we've found that the best experience for you and your guests is 6 hours, essentially your entire reception or event.

Unlimited Prints for Each Person and Use the PhotoBooth All Night Long!
You can use our PhotoBooth for an unlimited number of sessions all night long!  Plus - Each guest will receive a printed PhotoStrip.  Be it two or twenty folks in the picture, we will print out extra copies for everyone... thats important!

If you peak into the eye of a prospective Photobooth and see something like the image below - run.. don't walk away.  That's a webcam, the worst possible camera you could use to capture your special Wedding Reception Photos.   We will NEVER use a webcam - Ever!  We use the highest quality Digital Photo Cameras to give you the best PhotoStrips and Photos possible - Never a WebCam!