Modern PhotoBooth At The Seven Seas In Hartland
We brought out the Modern PhotoBooth for this nautical themed wedding at the Seven Seas...  This wonderful open air PhotoBooth is a great way to have lots of folks in the picture!

 Kim and Zach's Wedding on September 30th

Kim and Zach's Wedding on September 30th


Wedding Trends Unveiled
We met with lots of folks on Tuesday evening, September 19th at the Wedding Trends Unveiled show hosted by the Madison Club just down the street from the Capital.  The staircase there was a great backdrop for the Vintage Photobooth!  The Wedding dress display by Vera's served as a fantastic backdrop for our Modern PhotoBooth, and there was a contest to see how many people could fit in the Classic PhotoBooth at one time!   It was a wonderful evening!

wed trend IMG_2973.JPG

Bucky Gets Into the Action!
Bucky was part of an awesome wedding in Madison with the Vintage PhotoBooth on August 26th at Union South, Varsity Hall.     Go Badgers!


Vintage Wedding
The  Vintage Photoboth was out a few weekends ago at The University Club in Madison for an awesome 20's themed Great Gatsby wedding! 

vingage old.jpg

Wedding Show!
We met with lots of enthusiastic brides and grooms at the Wonderful World of Weddings show at State Fair Park.  We look forward to visiting with you at the upcoming Wedding Shows in Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay!


PhotoStrips Crafted Just For You
Each and every celebration is unique.  We work to make your pictures a one of a kind keepsake for you and your guests and will work with you to craft just the right PhotoStrip for your special day…

strips samples copy.jpg

Backdrops … and more Backdrops
We like backdrops, all kinds!  From shimmery gold and silver to Vintage print to using what’s available at each venue.  Sometimes those are the best!

vint black photo-1.jpg

More Than One
One of the great things about our open PhotoBooths are their ability to capture all the fun with large groups.  Here are some recent wedding pics...


Wine, Holidays and Fun
It’s no secret we enjoy wine and a great party!  Put that together with a wonderful venue and magic happens!  We were recently thrilled to be a part of a Wine Club Member Party at the Blind Horse Winery in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Not only is it a great venue, but it’s one of Wisconsin’s hidden gems, a wonderful winery, fantastic restaurant and unique event venue! The wines they craft our best we’ve tasted this side of Napa Valley!